Artist Bio: Sonia Bombart

My canvases reflect an enlightened upbringing. I was raised in a culturally rich, sophisticated family in Mexico City. I bring an inventive flair based on a blend of an extensive participation in dance, voice, theater, multi-media production, and music. I studied computer animation at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale combined with numerous formal classes in visual arts at the Center of Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, CT and the Silvermine Art Guild in New Canaan. 

I begin by applying a thin base of spray paint followed by a variety of strokes and gestures, with thin and thick brushes, various palette knives, sticks, and even her fingers to make a spontaneous mark. I usues various mediums and tools such as acrylics, acrylic fluids, inks, gouaches, sprays, gels, water, and most recently exploring with stone caly to make what she calls sculptural paintings. Music is a heavy influence for my work, as it is used to set the mood. Palette choice is essential as it works in unison with the music that I listen to. My work process is never the same, varying as I create different moods and outcomes. I continusly push myself to edit and re-edit the pieces. Creating organized playfull chaos. A dance of color and motion.

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